George for Galiano
Experienced - Independant - Responsible

Dear Galiano,

Those of you familiar with my background as a Galiano entrepreneur, creating the Pub and the Film School among other ventures, know that I have a proven track record as a problem solver, with an innovative, creative approach to finding solutions to seemingly intractable problems. Four years ago I ran for Islands Trust to make a positive contribution to our community. I have delivered on my promises. For the first time in years, everyone on Galiano was represented. Trustee Sandy Pottle and I had unprecedented successes: our three major initiatives were approved and implemented, and we ended years of disputes by bringing long-nonconforming properties into compliance, with compromises all around. We had other successes including supporting The Millard Learning Centre, one of Galiano’s largest rezonings to date.

During the last four years, I have also participated in key Trust committees and in local initiatives such as Galiano’s Economic Commission and the refugee project. I co-founded the Tour des îles to help create a more vibrant Galiano economy and culture, by reconnecting our Southern Gulf Island communities, with the long-term hope of offering an inter-island foot passenger service. It has been a resounding success. We have just celebrated our third summer extravaganza, and next summer we will be adding four more days, one on each of the islands. On the Galiano day, we will ferry over fellow islanders to support and celebrate our Fiesta and Home-Grown Music Festival.

There is still important work to do. A very steep learning curve has given me more tools to preserve and protect our island and our community. Housing remains one of our biggest challenges. Our unfinished business includes Galiano Green, an innovative affordable housing community comprising both home-owners and renters, which is too important to be allowed to fail. My hard-won experience of the last four years will help bring a second affordable housing initiative, the rental project spearheaded by Richard Dewinetz, to fruition.

I endeavour not to engage in partisan politics. I am committed to fairness, and to considering the interests of the island as a whole over the arguments of one resident or another in individual disputes. I value and respect the Trust’s Preserve and Protect mandate which is both visionary and unique in Canada. I support our island bylaws and Official Community Plan and will use them as guidelines in decision-making. I will continue to work collaboratively with my fellow Trustee to accomplish the tasks our community puts before us, and to engage our community in the decisions by sending proposals to our Advisory Planning Commission for their advice and recommendations. I have the energy, the enthusiasm, the commitment to work for this unique community, and the ability and desire to work with all islanders come up with new balanced solutions to the problems that still beset us. I am keen to match and surpass the record our Local Trust Committee achieved this past term. I am running as an independent candidate focussed on listening to all points of view. Please support my campaign so we can have another four years where everyone in our community is represented.

Your Trustee,
George Harris